Tangris is a fresh and exciting new take on hex and heptominoes. Simple in its design and play, it is fun and challenging for all ages.

Beginning players can usually solve each puzzle in just a few minutes or less. Advanced players can solve them in seconds!

Tangris comes with over 40,000 puzzles, providing a virtually endless supply of brain stimulating fun.

It is the perfect game for either a few idle minutes of relaxing entertainment, or endless hours of serious challenge. Watch out – this game is addictive!

Simply place each piece on the board without overlapping any of them. Every piece has its place and every puzzle has one or more solutions. If you get stuck, a hint is a single tap away.

Sounds easy enough, right? It is!

Tangris is smart though, and will keep you on your toes. You never know what is coming next.

There are two modes, Zen and Game play. Zen is a soothing, meditative, non-scored experience where you can lose yourself in a smooth flowing groove. Game mode is the yin to Zen mode’s yang. Game mode is all about speed. The faster you solve puzzles the higher your score. To build up your puzzle solving skills, practice in Zen mode and get your mind right. When you think you have what it takes, switch to Game mode and find out.

How fast are you?

If you have kids, hand this game to them and see how fast they are. It might surprise you!


A Few Comments From Testers:

“I like how the Zen mode is relaxing, with no stress.”

“I would label it fun, challenging, and addictive.”

“It makes you feel smart, especially when you solve a puzzle quickly.”

“It does not feel like a waste of time game (brain stimulating perhaps).”

“I dig the game.”, “Very slick stuff.”, “Zen mode is totally chill.”

“Absolutely intuitive and was instantly able to start playing and solving puzzles.”, “Great use of the iPhone’s touch interface.”


– Over 40,000 puzzles included
– 2 modes, Zen and Game play
– 2 grid sizes 6×6 and 7×7
– Dozens of different pieces
– Hint available for each puzzle
– Auto-save when interrupted by phone call or shutdown
– Colorblind mode

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