Tangle Trap

Tangle Trap’s fun and challenging puzzles are a jumbled mess of wires. Cut the right cord and you’ve saved the day and scored a bounty of fruit. Cut the wrong cord and the food is overly crisp toast! Un-tangle the wires to learn which cord you can safely cut and swipe it fast! Beware of short-circuiting the trap or you’ll lose precious seconds. And stay away from those spines! They may look like delicious lychees but they’ll spray goo all over and slow you down. That timer’s always ticking, don’t let it get to zero or else…

Tangle Trap’s story mode features classic JRPG story telling. Play as Chi-Chi the Chinchilla as he works to save the forest’s food from Hoarus, the curmudgeonly Raven, who has stolen and booby-trapped every last bit of it! The woodland creatures and their families are going hungry and you’re their last hope! Along the way you’ll meet a band of characters to help you take back every last bit of grub.

Challenge Mode provides a whole other world of gameplay. With customizable tangles, puzzle size, and difficulty levels, you’ll never lack for a perfectly challenging puzzle. Add in online, worldwide leaderboards, and you’ve got the ability to challenge friends from around the globe for top scores!

Tangle Trap natively supports the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch with custom art for each screen size.

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