Taming Penguins

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On Jeju island, taming the penguins, you can get rid of stress. You should take back stolen items and clear the mission in each stage, by slapping unruly penguins. This software provides both game and intelligence training features, which is a kind of edutainment. It is a casual game like whack a mole, angry birds and fruit ninja but you can train and check your memory test score for each multiple intelligence areas and train memory by challenging each stages. This app includes photos of beautiful nature of Jeju island in korea and you can enjoy them in each stage.

How to play:
1. Take back mission items, which are displayed as yellow figure in the center of window when the stage starting.
2. When you touch the penguin, item drops at the position.
3. Remember mission item. If it is the mission item, touch and take it.
4. If you touch wrong item, a heart will disappear.
5. Use three tools for attacking penguins.
6. Watch out keeping from attacking a dog.
7. To check your memory score, press ‘i’ icon in the front window. You can check your memory test result for each multiple intelligence area.


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