Tamago Dinosaur

Tamago Dinosaur
[Game Introduction]
Real dinosaur alive in the egg!
Do Let’s break some eggs today? Hatch Dinosaur Egg one by one a day!
It was born from an egg of five
Dragon and dinosaur mysterious of 36 animals!
– Look out into Jurassic, Cretaceous, Triassic in now

Features of Tamago Dinosaur
1. If you hit a bird and baseball bat comes out. It has the Effect of two touch blow at once.
2. hammer came out when hit the larvae.
3. 36 dinosaurs collection that lived actually Jurassic, Cretaceous, the Triassic era
4. what is the mysterious last one?
5. Dragon will be added as the review run a lot.

[Game configuration]
Chapter1 : 9eggs(500 Touches)
Chapter2 : 9eggs(1,000 Touches)
Chapter3 : 9eggs(10,000 Touches)
Chapter4 : 9eggs(50,000 Touches)
Chapter5 : 1eggs(500,000 Touches)

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