Talking Panda Mime Love Letters

★★★ Create the cutest video valentines and love confessions ★★★

If you don’t know how to create original and unique love letter to your beloved ones, Panda Mime Love Letters app is definitely for you.

With this sensational app you can record NOT ONLY YOUR VOICE, but ALSO YOUR FACE EMOTIONS, and share them with friends. Just fit your face in mask, and start action.
You can create awesome, funny and lovely movies with you playing the lead part, and share them to your loved ones by:
✔ Facebook
✔ Twitter
✔ Youtube
✔ Mail
✔ iCloud (Photo album)

Your device will become a real magic mirror: this app can repeat completely all your head movements and face gestures like smile, wink or putting out the tongue.

There are a lot of fantastic Panda’s actions:
✔ Send you a kiss
✔ Present you a heart
✔ Give a paw and say hello
✔ Make an amazing firework
✔ Present you a gift

And ❤ Special Valentines Pack ❤:
★ Present you a rose
★ Wear angel’s wings
★ Cupid’s bow

Use the ❤Valentine ❤ button after video recording, to make your movie the best love letter ever. You can even edit the label on valentine, to type there name of your sweet hearts and describe your feelings with words, that will be unforgettable.

We are opened to your suggestions and comments regarding improvement of application, and will be happy to hear your opinion if you share it via

NOTE: iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4 gen doesn’t supports face tracking due to low performance. This functionality will be disabled on this devices.


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