Talking Duke the Puppy

Adopt Duke as your very own free pet puppy, a talking handsome puppy dog! He does things that real dogs WISH they could do. Duke responds to your touch and repeats what you say with a funny voice. Let him brighten your mood at any moment! You can also give Duke a bone, see him do his signature dance, offer to walk him and more.

– Over 1 million downloads

“My child is totally thrilled! Thanks for the doggie! This puppy makes my little fussy one laugh her head off even after her midday nap. :) She’s 3 but she knows how to use an iPhone because of the puppy. :))) She can turn it on herself, find the app and play it!:))” – Olga, mum, Russia

See the fun unfold when you:
‣ Play Disco Music
‣ Give Duke a Slipper
‣ Throw Duke a Bone
‣ Make It Night
‣ Bounce a Ball to Duke
‣ Take Out Duke’s Leash
‣ Watch Duke Bite Fleas
‣ Show Duke Love
‣ And… Don’t Forget to Talk to Duke and He’ll Repeat What You Say!

Introduce Duke to your whole family. He’s solid, uplifting entertainment! A wonderful dog game!

‣ native iPad
‣ native iPhone 5
‣ native Retina

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