Talking Duke Dog 2

Now that sweet Duke has been adopted, he shows his true colors in Duke 2! He has talents you could never imagine!

He’s a comedian, and a bit of a menace; his mischievous side gets him into antics that will leave you howling for more!

See him swim inside, teach the cat a few tricks, play interactive games with you, and find new and unusual uses for everyday items. He is the life of the party, and even a bit crazy.

Crazy like a fox!

◆ Record your own sessions with Duke, share them on Facebook, send them by email or save them to your library.

“Duke 2 – I give it 2 thumbs up!” – Lion-teeth
“Get amused and occupied for hours!” –

See the fun unfold when you:

▸ Start the dishwasher
▸ Play a hand game
▸ Squirt ketchup
▸ Play dead
▸ Flush the toilet
▸ Use toothpaste
▸ Touch his face
▸ Lick the cat
▸ More…
▸ And… Don’t Forget to Talk to Duke and He’ll Repeat What You Say!

Duke likes variety as much as the next dog! Customize Duke in a variety of ways to impress your friends and even as a personal fashion statement. Have a “runway” contest to see who has the funkiest Duke on the block!!

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