Talking Cupuppy Xmas Free

Here comes the best time of the year!
This Xmas, your wish is coming true. A talking cup puppy in Santa’s outfit can be yours. The Xmas version of the popular Talking Cupuppy has brand new actions, awesome decorations, and musical rainbow bulbs to light up your holiday spirit. Bring it to your iPhone now, your kids and the dog lover in you will surely enjoy this adorable puppy.

★★★ How to play ★★★

* Tap Snowman and talk to puppy and he will repeat everything in his puppy voice.
* Feed him starry cookies when he’s hungry.
* Candies seem like his favorite treat, open the jar.
* Tap the gift box for a surprise.
* Take photos of your puppy and share with your friends.
* Ready for a snow fight? Ring the bell and watch out!
* There are many hidden actions, try tapping and spinning and see what happens.
* Make sure you treat him with tender loving care.

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