Take Your Kid To Work Day

Have you ever wondered what parents do at work all day?

Take Your Kid To Work Day is the fantastical behind-the-scenes adventure of one little boy at the toy factory where his father works. All the toys in the factory need to be sorted correctly before they can be delivered to kids everywhere. But something has gone wrong in the factory! Can you help our hero sort the toys? You’ll need to tap the platforms quickly and accurately to make sure everything ends up in its right place.

Take Your Kid To Work Day includes 30 levels of sorting, puzzling, maze-like fun. It’s also a fun, light-hearted way to help kids learn about cause-and-effect.

For the more competitive players, Take Your Kid To Work Day features Game Center integration, with separate leader boards for Easy Mode, Hard Mode and Expert Mode, as well as a bunch of achievements to earn.

Take Your Kid To Work Day is a universal app that will work on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. It fully supports all retina displays as well as the extended display on the iPhone 5.

Unfortunately, Playtend cannot guarantee that the toy factory in this game is representative of what all parents do at work every day – but if you do have suggestions for additional features for the app, we’d love to hear from you.

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