Taiwan MahJong HD

《戲谷麻將HD》為首款支援iOS多點觸控、手指輕觸即可滑牌的iPad麻將遊戲。保留《戲谷麻將》經典角色扮演、理牌牌型等特色,加上獨特的世界巡迴晉級賽,連線Game center即可爭奪世界麻將王寶座。
Now, for the first time, play MahJong on your iPad with the exciting new Taiwan MahJong HD. Key features of Taiwan MahJong HD:
-iPad controls for more life-like game action
-exciting international tournaments or play against friends
-multi-tasking on iPad while playing – start and stop anytime
-advanced AI created by market leader with over 10 years experience
-the most realistic, challenging MahJong ever
In Taiwan MahJong HD, with the touch controls of the iPad you can discard tiles with a simple slide of your fingers, just like real MahJong. To begin, just choose a character, then start playing. Upload your score to the Game Center; compete with your friends or players around the world in nine international tournaments. You can stop play and start again at any time.
Created by FunTown, an online MahJong pioneer and market leader with over 10 years experience, Taiwan MahJong HD uses cutting edge AI designed to take full advantage of today’s iOS devices.
Taiwan MahJong HD delivers more player style, more challenges, more fun!

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