Tag & Flag – Turn Photos into Hide & Seek Games with Friends

Take a scavenger hunt through your friends’ photos! Can you find the secret objects before time runs out?

Tag & Flag is the wildly fun way to transform your favorite photos into “hide and seek” games. To play, just take a picture and tag objects inside it that you want your friends to find. Leave them clues that are as hard or easy as you want.

Your friends will race the clock looking for your hidden object. If they flag it in time, they win!

Then it’s your turn to locate the secret items. Stuck? Use matches (hide areas without tags) and magnets (pull you toward tags) to help.

There’s always someone ready for a game. Find opponents by username, email, Facebook, Twitter, or even randomly. Play 1-on-1 or in groups.

Features of Tag & Flag include:

* Fun with photos – Don’t just share pics with family and friends, play with them too
* Tag hidden objects – Circle secret items in your photos then leave clues
* Flag fast – Tap to find the tags (wrong guesses cost you time!)
* Use any photo – Take a new picture or choose from your photo album
* Play with groups – The first of your friends to flag the image wins

Play Tag & Flag now… it’s the most fun you can have with your photos!

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