Tactical Warrior

Tactical Warrior is a strategic RPG with fast paced, turn based battles. Battle the men and beasts of the land as you discover new items and strengthen your team of warriors.

– 10 Classes of Warriors – Each with a variety of attacks and passive abilities to choose from.

– 60 Items – Find some chain mail and a book of mastery to replace that stale bread your wielding.

– 100+ Battles – The single player campaign features well over 100 battles ranging from a one sided battle against a badger to challenging battles against bears, skilled warriors and more.

– Hot Seat Multiplayer – Challenge your friends in hot seat multiplayer skirmishes.

– 60+ Achievements – Unlock over 60 various achievements on Game Centre and Openfeint ranging from trivial achievements to great challenges.

“This is a really well designed, challenging, turn-based game featuring relatively small maps with a good variety of missions. The whole game appears well designed and thoughtfully put together.”
89.5/100 – ArcadeLife

“Give this one a try if you like thinking before you swing your sword.”
– SlideToPlay

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