Tactical Invasion

Tactical Invasion is a tactical action war game in the spirit of Cannon Fodder but adapted to smart phones. The game offers an innovative semi-turn based mechanic that offers fast paced action without the need for quick reflexes and clicking at every enemy. Instead combat progresses in turns and will pause for issuing commands.

In the game you command several infantry units and explore an enemy occupied forest while trying to find the enemy base. Doing this you will encounter enemy outposts, roadblocks and ammo depots that you need to either destroy or evade. You have a supply of grenades and bazookas to help you, but you need consider if they would be best conserved for the assault to the enemy base. Destroying enemies will also give you experience to pick Perks that help you in the mission.

– Multiple weapons to use: machine gun, grenades, bazooka and heavy machine gun
-Turn-based gameplay that pauses the game for issuing orders and does not require hectic button mashing
– RPG elements with perks earned from experience
– Gameplay customizable to liking with settings for difficulty, game speed, number of soldiers, map size and how often game pauses during combat

The best strategy is to try to flank the enemy. I.e. you should try to attack the enemy with two or more units from different directions. Doing this will reduce effectiveness of enemy cover and allows you to more easily defeat fortified positions.

Tactical Invasion is a sister game to Infantry Invasion and Army Invasion that take a different perspective on same theme

The game is free, but but to customize the gameplay to your liking you need to unlock the custom game mode. This allows you to set the difficulty, game speed, map size, unit size and how often combat is paused for issuing orders.

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