This is a tactical shooter game.
A shooting game that is tactical? I know it sounds funny.
The player unit is protected from outside attacks with the player protection shield; however the shield is removed when the fire button is on and is automatically generated when the fire button is off.
This game is different from other games that it requires more than agility – it demands various abilities such as ability to size up a situation quickly.
The game allows you to show off your maximum athletic performance. Test your ability with the game!

(1) Spider robots and the bombs from tanks damage the player unit although it may be protected by the shield.
(2) The player must destroy assigned number of robots and tanks to end the game. The game will not end by destroying spider robots only; however only spider robots give out items.
(3) Once the fire button is turned off, the shield is quickly generated, although it may not be immediate.

How to play:
(1) Drag on the screen to aim.
(2) Click one of the three shooting buttons or press on to a button to shoot.
(3) Tilt the device to the left or right to move.

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