T-Puzzle 2

T-Puzzle, a classic tangram-like puzzle game, has an ancient history. It was said to be secret code hidden in the pyramids of Egypt, deciphered by a super smart Japanese explorer centuries ago. With only four pieces, it makes hundreds of shapes, many of which would make you rack your brains. It is the best interpretation of the philosophy of simple versus complex.

Has been challenging minds of all ages for centuries, it now comes to the your iOS devices. Combining the ancient wisdom with the modern touch interface, it brings you the unique experience of exercising your brain by flipping your finger.

Even better, T-Puzzle 2 is a brand new version for the original T-Puzzle. Based on the success of the original game, a lot of new features are added.

– A universal app designed for both iPhone and iPad
– Re-designed artwork and music
– Simple and intuitive operations: move, rotate, flip
– Physics conflit detection and auto snap
– Timer and hint
– 144 well-chosen puzzles of 12 difficulty levels
– Sync your progress using Apple cloud service (iOS5+ required)
– Game center leaderboard and achievement support

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