Game video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b86OC2wWPPA

Introducing the last “Russian Falling Blocks” game you will ever download from the App Store.  Classic block busting strategies with an extremely unique and addictive twist!  Use the special items to help you break through your mission.


① Fluid block:  Boxes that fill all areas and melt to any available space below.
② Jagged block: the block bottom with a sharp jagged edge, after landing, it can break the contacted blocks, the edge also will be destroyed.
③ Framed block: the block surrounded by a metal frame, clear rows only clear its borders for the first time, the second time to be fully cleared. When it hit by “jagged block” the metal frame will be destroyed.

MULTI-PLAYER CONNECTION: Supports three ways to connect. Internet via GameCenter, Bluetooth, and local LAN.
BATTLE MODE: Contains 6 kinds of props. Three to defend and three to attack your opponent. These items are earned when clearing lines or making combos.  
CLASSIC MODE:  Enjoy the original marathon way, also you can challenging players around the world via game center.

LEVEL MODE:  Very cute graphics created with blocks, which you need to clear to pass the level! Contains 27 challenging levels, very suitable to pass the time.

① enable or disable the falling prediction
② enable or disable special blocks
③ provided two styles
① click screen to rotate block
② press and drag left/right to move block
③ press and drag down to fast move block down
④ flick down to drop block

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