• New and improved!

• Swoop now uses a simple, familiar D-Pad for control.

•The flight model has been updated to be more responsive.

• Levels of difficulty have also been adjusted.
• Have fun with it!


Swoop is a challenging game where you can do something unusual in the palm of your hand: realistic parachuting. Swoop was carefully constructed to simulate parachute flight in a game-like way. You’ll get to time the jump, steer the parachute and land safely to claim a trophy gold bar.

Swoop includes the following.

1) Six scenes designed to highlight different aspects of parachuting: timing the jump, steering, etc.
2) Difficulty levels that can be set from easy (0) to hard (100).
3) Realistic yet game-like flight dynamics. We model lift, drag, parachute deflection for steering and other properties.
4) Something fun to do on the ground once you’ve landed.
5) Options to calibrate the game for device differences.
6) Many other aspects that you’ll no doubt discover.

Are you up for the challenge?

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