Are you a switchboard wizard? Can you handle the pressure of this fast paced original game?

As the the switchboard wizard you are in charge of connecting the lines to the destinations , but be quick to get a better score. Watch out for the faults on the destinations as they will need to be fixed before the line can connect.

Its high pressure , highly addictive , wire connecting fun. Be quick, be good , be awesome – be the switchboard wizard.

Leader boards for each of the levels to prove your wizardly skills with the world!

Game going great and the phone rings , no problem with fast app switching go back to your game without any loss , in fact the break might do you good!

Lite Version has the beginner board only, upgrade can get all 3!

This game is designed for iPhone 3GS and above.

* 3 Different destination boards
* Increased level of difficulty
* Destination faults that need to be fixed
* Game Centre
* Offline scoring
* Addictive Game Play