Swipea Tangram Puzzles: Cats

A simple yet fun and educational tangram puzzle game designed to foster critical thinking, spatial rotation skills, and an intuitive sense of geometry in children. This edition teaches kids about cats through play, audio and visual association.


Unique App Features:

1.Educational Toy Experience
Tangrams are fun, but kids can’t visualize what they are putting together. Our tangram puzzle comes with drawn illustrations to help kids visualize and associate.

2.Cute & Simple Touch, Drag & Rotate Interface
Snap-in-place puzzles are too easy and kids will bore or quit quickly. Our refined drag and rotate controls gives kids the freedom of space and time to explore in a stress free environment.

3.Levels for Kids and the entire Family
Puzzles come with variety of difficulty levels. Kids can play ‘Easy’ levels on their own. ‘Hard’ and ‘Fun’ are family playtime levels.

4.Beautiful, Colorful Artworks and Sound Effects
Cute illustrations, beautiful colors and big buttons designed for hours of playtime.
Contact Us:
For any technical issues, please email us at hello@swipea.com or drop us a note anytime!

Official Website: http://www.swipea.com
Facebook Fans: http://www.facebook.com/swipea
Twitter: http://twitter.com/SwipeaKids

We take your privacy very seriously. Our kids app:
– Do not contain 3rd party ads
– Do not collect any personal information

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