Swipe the Hangman HD : The Physics experiments & time travel

Release the hangman and help him escape.
Use your instincts or go about solving the accurate points to swipe the ropes and chains that tie the hangman and move things around in order to let him escape from the warehouse.

Feel the rush!
Challenge your inner logic instincts by trying to figure out the exact position to swipe the ropes and move the pieces. A game sure to tingle your skill at reasoning which gets excited with the passing of every level.

70+ gruesome levels of logic grinding. Keep unlocking one level after another to check out all the challenges.

How to Play
Swipe across the ropes and chains around the hangman and other objects in the warehouse which can help him escape. Tap around on bricks and elastics to remove them helping the trolley carrying the hangman, move about freely. The hangman is supposed to escape the screen (either from above or from below).
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