Swingball Pro

If you enjoy playing Swingball in your back garden or on holiday, then you’ll love the NEW Swingball Pro game!

Become a professional at Swingball Pro in the comfort of your own home! Challenge Swingball Sam to a game and see how many times you can return the ball before the time runs out. You can even play Swingball Pro on iconic landmarks from around the world, there are 10 bonus rounds to unlock in total. You can play in cities such as New York, Tokyo, Paris, London and many more!

The faster and more accurate you hit the ball, the faster the game will become. Make sure you hit enough returns in order to proceed to the next level and unlock the next bonus round. Top tip: Remember to use your forearm and back arm to return a hit!

Plus: Each bonus round also allows you to take or import a picture of a friend and use their head as the ball! Imagine hitting your friend’s head around the Taj Mahal or the Statue of Liberty! We guarantee this app will have you amused for hours.

If you enjoy the app, then you can purchase the real thing from www.swingball.co.uk

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