Swine Flu H1N1 The Game

Fight off Swine Flu with the Swine Flu Game!!!

Play Swine Flu h1n1 the Game whilst waiting in line.

Save the world from the attacking pigs and Virus

SWINE FLU H1N1 Resistance The Game

Hog Attack! Shoot first, ask questions later in this fun-filled shooter that answers the question, when will pigs fly? Pigs will fly when you get this game! And then you can start shooting piggies out of the sky! Catch the only Swine Flu that won’t leave you sick, it will leave you wanting more levels of insane bacon blowin’ up!

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Gameplay Videos of Swine Flu


-Destroy all the Swine Balloons by popping them.
-Tilt Controls tilt phone left or right to move Eradicator.
-Use your Doctor’s wisely to save your hospital from the attack.
-Shake Control Unique feature shaking the phone destroys all the Swine.

Help the CDC and the World fight off the Swine Pandemic and stop the outbreak (H1N1). Pigs have proclaimed all out war for years of pig oppression. Swine Flu is a exciting comical mischief fun poke at the Swine Flu H1N1 pandemic. Swine Flu Features high resolution comical characters and sound effects. These are sure to excite you and give you lot’s of fun and casual play. With massive explosions, and heart-pounding SFX & Action! Watch the Pigs pop the balloons and burst into bacon. Hear Swine Squeal as they fall to their doom! Your Hospital staff will act as a first line of defense for all Swine that get through your eradicator weapon. But use them wisely as you don’t have many.

Grab every special weapon to fight them off through 30+ levels of mayhem as Swine, Super Swine, H1N1 Bombs, Swine Pooh, Pig Balloonist attempt to bomb your Hospital base into oblivion!
Control your aim by tilting to move the cannon with just a flick of the wrist. Shake to unleash the Pig Popper on a screen full of unsuspecting enemies.
Swine Flu H1N1 Resistance’s intense action will satisfy your craving for that classic arcade feel!

Swine Flu Game Features:
Over 30 levels
Locations around the world
3 Power-ups to choose from
Play with Tilt Controls

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