Sweet Roulette

Who says rouletting is boring? Prepare yourself for the cool, new rouletting experience that is: Sweet Roulette!
Rich settings, dazzling beauties and a top-notch interface are sure to provide you with a good time!
There are four areas to play in, each with its own mouth-watering chip dealer. Win money, win experience points, and maybe you’ll even win her heart! But try your best not to lose, otherwise…tough luck!
Remember, this is Sweet Roulette. The roulette game with THE roulette experience! Expect never-ending fun accompanied by never-ending rewards!
No need for internet, no need to wait, no need to pay. Just slide your fingers across the screen and you’ll be on your way!
What’s there to lose? We’re waiting for you!

The gorgeous scenes and settings of Sweet Roulette subvert all of the motonous, run-of-the-mill roulette gaming experiences found elsewhere and bring gameplay to a whole new level.

Future Updates:
In the future we will introduce network playing modes that allow players around the world to interact and compete.

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