Swatter Hit


» Mosquito size increases if you fail to kill
» Gain 50 bonus points by killing coiled mosquitoes
» Killing a spider will cost you 50 points
» Slaying rocket mosquitoes will end the game
» Keep a tab on the Danger Bar, game ends when it becomes full
» The Danger bar increase if you fail to kill mosquitoes and vice versa

Trespassers are strictly prohibited on your devices. Mosquitoes are no exception..!

Swatter Hit is a simple, addictive and fun game to play.
Deadly mosquitoes are on a dangerous mission to swarm your iDevices. You have to take control of the situation and kill them all before it’s too late. Kill the mosquitoes as and when they appear on the screen, if you fail to do so, the size of the mosquitoes gradually increases and so does the difficulty in killing them.

No shooting and no firing required. Just use your finger and smash the blood sucking mosquitoes.

It’s simple! Tap on the screen to kill the mosquitoes!
It’s addictive! The more you play the more you want it!
It’s fun! The graphics, the music, the controls!

Swatter Hit is Game Center and OpenFeint Enabled! If you’re looking for classic arcade game this is the game for you.
Download today and cut down wave after wave attack of mosquitoes in this endless quest!

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