- SWARM is “a fascinating game you just have to try” – OnApple
– SWARM is “Super Monkey ball mixed with Sonic” – iPhoneSoft
– SWARM is “definitely one to keep your eyes on.” – Indie Game Magazine
– SWARM is “the next big thing in the industry.” – QUICK JUMP

SWARM will enthrall speed junkies with quick action, quirky characters, and colorful environments! SWARM mixes traditional accelerometer ball-rollers with character-driven platforming and tension-filled chases for a truly unique action experience. Use HotRod’s superior handling skills to lure enemies into traps – the more you tilt, the faster he goes. With motion controls in hand, every twitch will be taken into account – Be The Ball!

YouTube PREVIEW-1: http://youtu.be/uPIzxAEN4nA
YouTube PREVIEW-2: http://youtu.be/OJHUur-uaYg

As the story begins, our spherical hero, ‘HotRod’ was enjoying an innocent joy-roll that turned into a “misunderstanding” with the Ball-timore police force. The high speed chase is interrupted by an invasion of intergalactic robot cops trying to become the new law. Ever the hero, HotRod leaps into action on a quest to save his city and learn the true origin of the robo-menace. Play as the outlaw hero HotRod or as a colorful cast of other characters on an adventure through cities, jungles, and into the final frontier!

SWARM! iPad Review

You have to give SWARM! credit for being daring. This game dares to be unoriginal in this new age of pioneering digital content. It also dares to have graphics that make Nintendo 64 games look cutting edge. SWARM! has a premise thinner than tissue paper, involving the speedball Hot Rod, who inadvertently becomes public enemy number one of the Ball-timore Police. As a result, Hot Rod spends each level rolling around, dodging or defeating the Read More →