Simple to pick up. Tough to master.

Double tap tiles to swap letters and make words. Swipe to select words and remove them from the board.

As you swipe, words will clear from the screen. But be quick! The timer tells you how many seconds you have before more letter tiles drop in. The game ends if any column touches the top!


15 levels of play with different objectives are sure to test everything you’ve got!

Elimination Challenge: Bigger words are better! Keep making words until there are only a few tiles left. Eliminate enough tiles from the board and you’ll go to the next level.

Survival Challenge: It’s a contest to finish out the clock! Make words and survive the timer while more tiles are dropped in. Make it through all the rounds to go on to the next level.

Point Attack Challenge: Make big words and win big points! Swap and swipe as fast as you can to earn points. Once you reach enough points you’ll unlock the next level!

During Challenges special tiles will drop in. Some will be helpful and some will make the game harder, so know your friends and enemies! The blank tile can be removed by eliminating all of the tiles underneath it. The double score tile can be swiped to double the score of a word. The add randomizer point tile will return one randomizer point to the board. The fire tile adds tiles every four seconds until it’s eliminated. And the ice tile will cut all word scores in half while it’s on the board.


Test your word-making skills at three different levels of difficulty. The higher the level, the faster you’ll have to swap!


Coming Soon!

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