“SUUMO SHOT” that is the third game of SUUMO series is finally came out!!

“SUUMO SHOT” is a free application which you play SUUMO, famous in the TV commercial.

In this game, SUUMO hit fruits using pachinko balls to make the fruits go into

box brought by “DOMOMO”, moving exporter and get points.

It’s a new sense free shooting game!!

Drop some fruits on the tree of SUUMO GARDEN in the universe using pachinko

balls into box brought by DOMOMO, and then you can get points!!

Items are on the tree.

You can aim at high score if you hit items on the tree!! Various items, that

give you 3 DOMOMOs, make DOMOMO which give you twice as many points as normal

DOMOMO do appear, let you shoot three times as many balls as normal mode let.

Use these well and get high scores, and be the top player of this game!!

In this game, you can play time-attack mode or endless mode when you play alone.
When you compete with other players, you can find rival via internet or location
you are in.


・Aim the balls at the fruits. Decide an angle of balls you hit!!

・Let your finger and the ball flies!! Drop fruits into the box and get

high score!!

・Angle and speed of the ball can be controlled a little by your finger.

・Big fruits don’t fall unless you hit some times so don’t forget about this!!

==Event box which helps SUUMO==

[DOMOMO fever]: DOMOMO increase to three!!

[Three balls]: You can shoot three ball at one shot!!

[SUMOMO]: You can get twice point as you do in the normal mode if fruits were dropped into box SUMOMO holding.

[Super fever]: Power of balls becomes big, and DOMOMO increase to three!!

===Aim at clear of time attack mode!!===

You can clear the game in the case you got 50000 points in the limited time.

After you cleared the game, ending of a game may appears…??

===Endless mode is berry exciting!!===

You can get the bonus time for 30 seconds bonus when you cleared the quota in the limited time!!

Get high score, and aim at a higher rank!!

===Try gathering jewel!!===

Good thing may happen if you gather many jewels that rarely appears in the game.

===Be the top of the world of this game!!===

“SUUMO SHOT”carries “PANKIA”, which is social platform.

PANKIA allows you to compete with other players in the world, and see ranking of the world.

Details of PANKIA is at

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