Universal Rating: 4+

SushiChop is a game from Rogue Rocket Games, originally released 28th July, 2011


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SushiChop Review

Finger slicing is a lot more fun than it sounds, and ever since the enjoyable Fruit Ninja popularized the mechanism, we’ve seen many more iterations from other developers. The latest in this line is an app called SushiChop. Not to be confused with Chop Sushi the creative match-three game, SushiChop is an uninspired clone of Fruit Ninja which doesn’t do much to impress.

When we started playing SushiChop, we expected to find a great deal of sushi chopping, possibly combined with difficult orders involving Dragon Rolls, sashimi, and maybe even a sushi chef trying to rise through the ranks. Sadly, SushiChop both lives up to and limits itself to its name.

Take that, blowfish.

Fish, crustaceans, and cephalopods fly through the air for you to slice up in order to make their meat fall perfectly on your waiting tray of rice rolls. Rotten fish also fly through the air– possibly the work of a rival sushi restaurant– and chopping those will ruin your tray.

The first mode, SushiChop, simply has you cutting any type of seafood to fill up the trays, each of which has a timer. The second mode, Sushi Master, is exactly the same except that each tray requires a certain type of fish, denoted by pictures in the background. Cutting the wrong type of fish simply causes its meat to fall away from the tray, so the challenge remains almost the same, with more waiting for the correct ingredients. In both, if three trays are ruined by rotten fish or by their respective timers running out, the game ends.

The game attempts to keep this limited play fresh with leaderboards, bonus items, and the ability to perform perfect cuts. But if variety is the spice of life, we’d like to see a little more metaphorical wasabi or soy sauce in the game, because we were left uninspired to come back and chop more. Fruit Ninja should satisfy your finger-slicing craving, but if you really want another take that doesn’t push any boundaries, you may enjoy this one. Otherwise, use caution.