Sushi Quiz free

This app is the quiz of sushi.
Please apply the name of the sushi displayed.
Sushi is gradually pulled from a rise.
When you understand, please push the material regarded as a correct answer.
Since there are several kinds according to the mode, please enjoy the pattern of questions.
There are three kinds of modes of the free version in all, and difficulty differs, respectively.

Easy mode
usually mode
difficult mode

In addition, a sushi material does not change by the mode.
Although that it is only easy can play, if the score more than fixed is gained, a ban is removed on the following mode and it can play in the beginning.
If it mistakes, a correct answer will not be displayed, but a correct answer will be displayed if the deadline is passed.
Please profit as a hint.
It is also continued to increase a sushi material.
In addition, there is also the charged version whose mode increased.

Thank You.

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