Sushi Dojo Lite

Sushi Dojo (5 Reel Slot Machine) features up to 5 credits per line (up to 7 lines) – Any 4 scattered bonus symbols triggers one of two interactive bonus games. Work your way up to thousands of credits to win all of the 41 trophy achievements and purchase the 10 items in the gift shop with your winnings. New ‘Let it Ride’ bonus game allows you to gamble your current bonus winnings against a roll of the dice – win up to 25,000 credits! A delicious way to kill some time. Reel cash, real fun!

*Casino-style Design
*41 Achievable Trophies Feature
*10 Gift Shop Items
*Up to 7 Lines in Play
*Up to 5 Credits per Line
*2 Interactive Dice-Based Bonus Games
*x4 Bonus Symbol Activates Bonus Game

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