Sushi Cafe


Neko-sama needs your help to manage his Sushi Cafe in Tokyo. It is simple! All you need to do is to keep your customers happy and serve them sushis. Create more than 100 type of sushis according to their combinations; ranged from Nigiri, Gunkan to Temaki. If you are in trouble, you can summon for Neko-sama to serve all customers at once.


Tutorial is shown on the first day before you start your cafe operation. Later on, you can view it in the “PAUSE” menu section. You have two styles of play. You can either drag the ingredients to the big orange preparation table (geta) or you can either tap on it instead. Once your sushi is done, you simply drag it to the customer you want to serve. If you messed up, just drag that unwanted sushi to the dustbin and start over.

Every correct sushi you serve will add up to your combo. It will show every 10 correct sushis you serve. Reach 100 combos and get a Life Pack for free! Life pack is used to continue the game with the current progress you have.

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