Sushi Boy

Sushi Boy is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Sushi Boy Review

Can we just say how much we love games that are about sushi? There’s something about playing a really great sushi game like Chop Sushi HD that makes our mouth water. Sushi Boy has an enjoyable aesthetic, but the repetitive gameplay is just as unappetizing as us in this game as the coils of human waste that fall from the sky.

That’s right– in addition to catching falling sushi by tilting or touching the device, Sushi Boy must also avoid falling fecal matter. This nauseating concept will definitely not make you want to run out to your nearest Japanese restaurant. It’s too bad, because if the developers had stuck with Sushi Boy avoiding hooks, boots, and bombs, we’d be a lot less grossed out by this game.

Someone call the health inspector!

Even without the falling poop, Sushi Boy is still unpleasant to play. The entire game consists of running back and forth to collect or avoid falling objects. The gameplay does speed up slightly along the way, which is good, but it’s still awfully tedious. Every so often, you’ll blast off into a strangely-silent bonus round to collect coins, which can be used for some fun unlockable upgrades.

These include a pet to help you collect falling sushi, bonus hats which can give you abilities, and scenery changes. But none of these items change the core gameplay– you’ll still have to run left and right repeatedly as you play.

Some additional gameplay variety would be fantastic, and would make Sushi Boy’s basic premise a lot more interesting. The game has an adorable aesthetic, even if it is a little gross sometimes, and we’d like to see more done with the main character. For now, though, you can stand to skip this meal.