Surwormer is now free for a limited time!!! Hurry up! get it now.
The apple worm named Pire is hungry. He struggles with difficulties to reach an apple which is on the bough and Pire’s extraordinary skills help him to overcome hassles.

You should be cautious against spiders, thorns, and several obstacle throughout the trip in the tree. When Pire reaches the hole, the long distance for reaching the apple will decrease each passing level.

Before shooting, you should think carefully. One of the most important factors to reach the hole is the speed control of the Pire.

This amusing game ” Surwomer ” including several features such as 100+ levels, easy playability, understandable instructions is being released by Tayfa Interactive.

– 100+ level

– Different solutions for each level

– Golden, silver and bronze medal for each level

– Interactive tools which make it easier or harder

This game requires: Iphone3GS/4G and Ipod4G/Ipad,Ipad2 or better devices to run.

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