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SurvivorX Review

The iTunes description for SurvivorX makes clear the developer’s intent: ‘Our goal is to make the BEST kill-em-all style iPhone/iPad dual stick arcade game’. It’s a lofty goal, considering such top shooters on the system as Meteor Blitz and Alive-4-Ever. SurvivorX has a unique graphical style and loads of customization, but the game’s other fundamentals aren’t quite as sound.

When you start up the game, you can choose your hero and immediately begin running and gunning. Over dozens and dozens of incrementally more difficult levels, your simple goal is to completely wipe out waves of enemies, which include familiar gaming baddies like mushrooms and fire-spewing plants.

We give props to SurvivorX for not delaying the action. If you want a shooter that you can download, install, and load up to begin slaying enemies within minutes, SurvivorX holds up its end of the bargain. Initially you’re armed with just a machine gun, but as you complete levels you’ll unlock a more impressive arsenal and grab bag of abilities.

So we have to warm their icy hearts with a hot island song?

At a certain point, though, SurvivorX starts providing diminishing returns. The action becomes ridiculously hectic at later levels, throwing an unmanageable amount of deadly enemies at you. You’re rewarded with more coins than a slot machine jackpot just for surviving, and you’ll be able to spam the screen with rockets, lasers, and any other high-end weapons you choose. The amount of chaos onscreen can slow down or crash your game, and it also takes all the finesse out of the equation.

With no storyline or mission variety, SurvivorX is a completely unemotional bulletfest. Technical glitches and oversights like a lack of a proper leaderboard (the game will tell you your overall rank in the high scores, but not show it to you on a list) mean this shooter is still lagging behind the competition.

SurvivorX satisfies a basic need to run and gun, but doesn’t achieve enough to meet its own stated goals. It’s over-the-top and filled with action, but SurvivorX still felt hollow to us.