Surf'n'Fly HD

Surf’n’Fly reached top 20 in the Sports and Adventure categories in several countries (US, Japan, Australia, France, Germany, UK, Italy, Canada, etc). Thanks for your support!

4 game modes, easy to use one touch control, unique waves each time you play.

– unique wave each time you play
– 4 games mode: distance, longest jump, highest jump, speed
– tilt your device to control the monkey inclination while in flight for perfect landings
– game center integration with leaderboards for each game type

* Touch the screen when going down a wave to gain speed. Release when going up.
* Tilt the device to get the right inclination for landings.
* Touch the screen when in flight for a rapid descent. When you come down fast you can catch more speed to fly even higher and longer.

Watch the instructions for a more graphic version.

If you like the game tap the No Ads button to access an in-app purchase that removes the ads.

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