Super Tennis G&W is the funniest way to play tennis!

Old gamers may remember a series of handheld electronic games called Game & Watch. Super Tennis G&W is a game which achieves that retro-look and addictive game play combined with new technology features!

- With a new original Crazy Game Mode, Super Tennis G&W is an step forward on the Game&Watch Games series. You will have to use your finger in several ways in order to hit the different balls, such as soccer balls, fire balls,etc..

- Shake the phone and make special movements to deploy awesome power-ups that will help you beating your best score.

- Share your results with your friends on FACEBOOK.

- Become the best SuperTennis G&W player in the world! With the new ONLINE RANKING you will be able to compete against the best players.

- For hardcore gamers, looking for old controls, SuperTennisG&W offers the Classic Game Mode, 100% old school.