SuperStar Quiz

★★ Top 20 Game/Music App in the USA!★★
★★ Top 20 Game/Music App in the Australia!★★
★★ Top 20 Game/Music App in the UK!★★

Do you just love celebs and know every little thing about them especially their DREAMY EYES?!?!

Well then, you better prove it to the world and show that you know any celeb just by looking at them. The faster you guess them the more points you get!

The game is simple, if you recognize a celebrity’s EYEs then just click on them and quickly type in there name best you can!

If you have some trouble figuring out who the celebrity is, no worries! Just use your hints! Use as many as you want! You can even ask your friends on Facebook or Twitter for help! If you use Hints, you will not lose any points and when you solve the puzzle you can earn more hints!

The best thing about SuperStar Quiz is it’s FREE!!! That’s right we heard your wishes and made it FREE you everyone to enjoy! Have FUN and show your SKILLS to everyone on GameCenter!

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