SuperPretzel Factory

Welcome to SuperPretzel Factory! Take over and run your very own food making factory as you play though all the steps in the process to make delicious soft pretzels!

Make tasty soft pretzel snacks including:
– SuperPretzels
– SoftStix with cheddar cheese filling!
– PretzelFils with 6 delicious fillings!

Play through 3 factories, each with their own unique mini-games!

– Mix the Dough
– Cut the dough to the right length
– Bake the pretzels but don’t burn them
– Add tasty toppings
– Fill pretzels, but don’t OVERFILL!
– then box them up for shipment to customers!

Fun Mini Game Upgrades for a faster factory!!
– Add a Pro Mixer or Auto-Topper
– Add the Auto-Filler, or Auto-Slicer
– Add the Auto-Burner or Auto-Grabber

Work your way up from ‘Line Worker’ to ‘Supervisor’ and someday maybe you’ll run the whole factory as the ‘BIG PRETZEL!”

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