One of Games2win’s most popular iPhone apps with over 3.4 million downloads and that had climbed to #1 in the Family and Kids Categories and #2 in the Games Category on the iTunes Store!

Its web version has got over 18 million game plays on

Game Description: Babies maybe cute, but they sure are a handful. Here, you don’t have to just tackle these brats; you have to beat your next-door neighbor to it as well! This is your chance to be a Super Mom!

Download the this game for a bigger and better Super Mom experience for FREE!

– 20 Challenging Levels! Take care of the baby in real life scenarios!

– Compilation of 8 different mini-games! You and the baby will never get bored!

– Bonus Dress Up Baby Level! Access a closet full of exclusive baby outfits!

Also, try the web version of Super Mom on our website:

Check out the walkthrough video of the web version of the game:


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About Games2win: Games2win is one of the top 20 online gaming businesses in the world (as per comScore). With our own technologically equipped studio and a highly proficient set of creative art, production and programming teams, we always ensure that each game is created and hosted according to our high standards. With our games being translated in 23 distinct languages and visited by consumers from across 200+ countries in the world, we are without doubt one of the largest flash game producers in the world with a tremendous global fan following of over 4 million unique visitors a month and counting (comScore statistics).

We are one of the top gaming companies on the iTunes App Store with over 30 apps in our robust catalog! Some of our top applications include hits like Super Mom, Parking Frenzy, Finding Mr. Right, Best Friends Forever and Plain Jane. From fashion to friendship to love, we have found ourselves an audience of over 4 million users with an array of topical apps. Many of our apps have found their way into the Top charts on the App Store, most notable one being Super Mom which gained the #1 position in the Kids & Family Categories!

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