55 meters out, a howling cross-wind and only seconds on the clock. Can you nail a six-pointer to keep yourself in the game? Find out today with the free Herald Sun Mazda BT-50 SuperKick game.

Choose your kick – drop punt, torpedo or banana – carefully judge the wind strength and direction and let fly through three game modes; Sudden Death, Arcade and Time Attack.

Snag a major from outside 50, roost a torp from the boundary or guide home a gimme from 30 meters out – it’s all part of Herald Sun Mazda BT-50 SuperKick.

Post your scores to Facebook, challenge your mates and work your way up a leaderboard of Australia’s top SuperKick players.

It’s more great footy action from the team that brought you Herald Sun Tac SuperCoach.

Realistic motion-captured graphics
Hundreds of different wind, distance and angle combinations to stretch your skills
Three distinct kick-types
Global leaderboards for all game modes

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