SuperHeroes Maker

Design your very own SuperHeroes for FREE!

You choose every detail, customizing the appearance, name, and powers. Once you’ve finished creating your hero or heroine, test your mettle in the fast-paced combat mini-game!

** Game Highlights **
Over 257 quadrillion FREE customizations are possible! That’s 257,000,000,000,000,000 possible unique heroes – not including powers!

** Tons of Customization **
Choose between:
Hero or Heroine!
Human or Alien!
Tons of costume and color options!
Unique powers!

** Awesome MiniGame **
Try out your new hero!
Battle an enemy robot!
Rack up points and make him explode!

** Save your heroes to the HQ **
Make lots of heroes and visit them all in your SuperHero HQ
Share them with your friends on Facebook and Twitter!

What are you waiting for?! Start making your SuperHeroes today!

Developed By: Off-Road Studios | 360 Digital and Creative Design Agency

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