Superhero Quiz! – Which Superhero Are You?

Are you a Man of Steel or a Dark Knight?

Awaken your inner superhero with this fun, easy quiz.
Find out which superhero is the closest match to your personality.

Sure, it’s easy to sit on your couch and talk about which superhero you’d be. But are you actually right? Do you really have what it takes to step into Bruce Wayne’s boots, or Tony Stark’s….boots? Take this quiz and you may be surprised to find that you’re not quite the superhero you thought you were!

The Superhero Quiz tests your personality with a few simple questions and uses your answers to figure out which superhero is the most like you. Before you start crafting batarangs in your garage, you’d better make sure the way of the bat is going to line up with your lifestyle.

Here’s what you’ll find in The Superhero Quiz
✔ Questions tailored to superhero lore
✔ Silly answers to every question
✔ Simple touch interface
✔ Quick results, with picture

After completing the necessary questions, The Superhero Quiz will let you know exactly whose mask you’d fit into, and whether or not you should take up the role of caped crusader. The quiz is engineered to be fun and has multiple outcomes, so try taking it with a friend or significant other to find out where everyone lands on the superhero spectrum.

But you’d better take the quiz fast – who knows how many super villains are out there waiting for you?

This App is updated for iOS 5 and works on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices.

Note: Successfully completing this quiz does not grant you any super powers. Sorry!

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