SuperFat i3G

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This app is Only for iPhone 3 & iPod Touch

For iPhone 4 and iPad you can down load SuperFat !!!

In a world of Fast Food, survival is crucial, SuperFat is the Superman of today. Save the world.

A normal guy, working in a chicken factory, loves to eat Fast Food, but one day gets a heart attack in his favorite burger place. The doctors have to reanimate him
While being under the effect of adrenaline & defibrillator shocks, he decides to save the chickens & to eat healthy. His hero name is SuperFat

SuperFat is the antithesis of a super Hero. He is bald & wears a toupee. He gets hurt, he growls, he screams & cries when he flies very fast. He has wounds everywhere, a broken arm, missing teeth, a black eye, untied shoe laces… He’s a total wreck, messy, clumsy as hell, & literally a big chaos

Your body constantly burns energy, so you need to eat, but you need to select what you eat, & keep a good food balance. You might need to eat Junk Food to survive, but you can’t gain or loose too much weight, or you’ll die. Being the good hero that you are, you need to save the tiny chickens who escape from the chicken factory, before they smash against the floor

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Enjoy it !!!

M – ★★★★★
Too good in the bed before sleeping
by Archhertog – Version 1.3 – 04 October 2011

I like it a lot – ★★★★★
It won’t bit Angry Birds, but it’s a nice different type of game.
by sebseb – Version 1.3 – 24 September 2011

Alright – ★★★
by Beatsie boy – Version 1.2 – 13 September 2011

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