SuperBoss 3 Pro: Jump Knife Attack Warrior from the Year 2050

It is the year 2050. After two invasions by Robots, The United Earth Senate Guys have voted to ban all guns for all military use to try and show the Robots that human beings are not violent. Immediately the Robots started a new invasion of Earth.
Fred Bauer, opposed to the military no gun act of 2050, has been contacted to defend Earth once again. Even tho he disagrees with the United Earth Senate Guys no gun decision, Fred Bauer must obey the laws of Earth and still defend against the Robot invasion armed only with a knife and his military training that utilizes the secret “jump knife attack in the air with knife to robot head attack.”

Using his skills, he must collect a secret virus designed to destroy the Robots. The virus was accidentally lost by Jon Liller. What a guy.

Will Fred Bauer succeed? Will his attack move be enough?

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