Superbird Free

Do you have what it takes to become the Superbird?

Hawk bully took the beautiful bird princess away from the Superbird! Fly to the hawk nest and beat the hawk to rescue bird princess!

Highly addictive adventure game!Conquer the sky island, warriors way, magic house, black forest, hawk castle and even snowberg by getting feather and shake jump into the air to avoid deadly obstacles! Watch your superbird grow bigger and stronger the more experience you gain! More funny in full version and endless mode!

Key Features:
* Multiple characters that grow from bravebird to superbird!
* Simple and addictive story mode!
* 6 exciting locations to explore!
* Compete with friends via Leaderboards!
* Beautiful graphics and lovely birds!
* Many fun achievements to unlock!
* Cool music tracks and effects!
* More characters and locations to come!

If you enjoy playing the game, please take the time to give us a 5 Star rating every time an update comes out! Your favorable ratings/reviews will keep the updates coming!

击败老鹰, 拯救小鸟公主!一款刺激你的视觉和听觉的震撼冒险游戏来了!有本事接受挑战吗?你将随着小鸟勇士征服填空之城, 黑暗森林, 七水之都, 蓝色石头, 老鹰城堡, 魔幻小屋, 甚至雪山之顶等等!让可爱又勇敢的小鸟踏扁老鹰的巢穴。路途中的武器可以增加你的武器装备, 羽毛可以增加你的超级弹跳能力。你可以通过杀死邪恶的老鹰和敌人积累经验, 逐渐培养小鸟勇士慢慢长大, 拥有更强的超级弹跳技能, 最后成长为超级小鸟!更多精彩请升级至小鸟勇士完全版及无尽任务的模式!

* 6个令人激动的场景待玩家去探索!
*简单有趣的Story Mode故事模式!
* 漂亮绚丽的唯美画面,可爱勇敢的小鸟勇士! 邪恶狡猾的老鹰还有各种滑稽的小动物!

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