“Sakura” what is Cherry blossoms ,flower of the Japanese soul.
Cherry blossoms blooms suddenly at the place where is nothing!
I expressed to the world of the slot.


Tells the beauty and life force from Japanese cherry blossoms in full glory bloom for Slot fan and medal machine fan in the world.

Lottery is of course No-control.
Symbol combination pattern woven from pure probability provides the beauty of cherry blossoms aligned and the world of numbers you do not know how far.
You can enjoy a time of 1 people wowed lead to infinite inspiration from the fun with the “luck”, a variety of numbers!

Incidence of major
Sakura bonus 1/857
Double up game is the expected value 1.02

■ The main function
Functions and services up to 50 sheets of credit
history data
Probability of occurrence of each table and view and dividend

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