Super Water Bomber

Super Water Bomber is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Super Water Bomber Review

Super Water Bomber has a protagonist that many young nerds dream of: A masked kid armed with water balloons, targeting only bullies. A playground hero, in a sense, but with a range of protection much wider than the playground, which you’ll realize as you travel through parks and suburbs to take down bully-rings and more. Sadly, being protected by this hero is probably much more fun than playing as him, which is a disappointing and often frustrating experience.

The game is built around separate side-scrolling levels, full of obstacles and unsuspecting bullies. The Super Water Bomber has no skills to speak of besides his balloon-throwing, and he actually can’t even jump. Luckily, his balloon-throwing is impressive, and its direction and power are adjustable.

Unfortunately, it’s not at all easy to determine where your balloon will end up, and the occasional failure of the physics system only makes this worse. The other frustrating gameplay factor is that movement and aiming are based on touching the screen and dragging, which causes the game to confuse them from time to time, so you’ll often misfire or fall off of precarious vantage points.

Walking on water.

There are a good variety of balloons, ranging in functions from splash radius to precision. Crates are scattered around the level with balloon stocks in them, which we at Slide to Play like to leave lying around the street all the time.

The combat is turn-based, and after the Bomber throws a balloon near a foe, the foe fires back, freezing you until the enemy’s balloon pops. Frustratingly, their aim often seems terribly accurate even in the earlier levels.

Beware leaky pipes.

One aspect of Super Water Bomber we were impressed with was multiplayer. You can play with up to four people on your iDevice, and the game spreads you and other Bombers around, with bullies (and each other) to target. The last man standing wins in that mode. Unfortunately, there is no online or Bluetooth multiplayer, but we do appreciate the local touch.

Also, we hope you like creepy hallways with kids throwing water balloons at you, because that is the load screen, which haunts you frequently and often for long periods of time. But you also get to throw balloons at hoodlums, beer-guzzlers, and guard dogs. Overall, Super Water Bomber feels a bit clunky, and we were disappointed that the gameplay didn’t come up to meet the creative story. For now, use caution on this one.