Super Tap Hero Running Boy: Action Adventure Top Free Game

The super heroes are on a mission to discover the baddest villain duo, Wolfy and Ice Giant’s master plan for world domination. Slipping into their headquarters, they discover their plan: MASS PRODUCTION OF ROBOTS!

The alarm goes off and the villains activate every robot to destroy and now you are being targeted. The only thing left is to run and blast your way through…

Your job in Super Tap Hero Running Boy: Action Adventure is to:

– Defend yourself against the Wolfy and Ice Giant’s evil robots in this action running game!
– With Gamecenter support, Beat your friends and see who can get the highest score
– Collect coins and unlock the super squad
– Amazing graphics and sounds

Grab this game now while it’s free :)

-Multiplayer is currently in the works. This version does not have multiplayer

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