Super Soccer V1 Free

ver wonder what it would be like to be a famous athlete? Do you imagine fans chanting your name?

How about trying out to see if you could be a famous soccer player…

WARNING: this is extremely fun and addictive! Handle with care! One of the most popular iPhone apps now…

This is an amazing game that will help you make the best out of your FREE time. Why waste your sacred and limited spare minutes playing bad games.

This arcade game gives you 10 chances to make a GOAL! Your success depends on the speed of the “swipe” or “flick” of your finger along with the orientation and location.

If your skills are good enough to make 10/10 goals you will get an amazing BONUS to your score.

Unlike similar games, just a FLICK is not enough to make a goal, so concentrate a lot while kicking!

Share your skills and status with your friends on FaceBook & Twitter…



•Amazing Sound Effects
•Awesome graphics

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