Super Nova Kids – Fly Sky High Shooting Up Zombie Birds

Have you ever dreamed of being a super hero?

Have you ever closed your eyes and wondered what it would be like to will yourself from the ground, using nothing but your mind, and take to the winds? To use superhuman powers to wage war against all that is evil?

Fulfill your greatest fantasy in wild and zany fashion in this new iPhone game by Free Action Games Plus Fun Apps. An addictive super hero game like none you’ve ever seen, Nova Kids will take you off the ground and out of this world.

Of course, creating superheroes is an art that requires a balance; all good is countered by evil. Any superhero, kid or not, needs a villain. In this crazy game app, the right villain for the Nova Kids are the wacky zombie birds, ready to peck your eyes and drop you from the sky.

Touch the screen to control your character, shooting up sky high over Nova City. Dart your way through the skyscrapers, veering back and forth to dodge the angry zombie birds launching at you from every direction and collecting crystals as you go. Awesome!

A progressively more-difficult game, Nova Kids picks up speed as you gain skill; even super heroes get no mercy. As you get better, the game gets faster and zombie birds keep coming at you at breakneck speed until they’re nothing but a blur of red, black, and green feathers.

How long can you last before the birds batter you from the urban skyline? Compare your success with your friends as you share on Game Center and see who has the chops to make it longest in Nova City.

One of the best family games on the market, Nova Kids is made for both girls & boys, and you can play as Nova Boy or Nova Girl. It is compatible for iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, and 5.

Set to be one of the top free games released this year.

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